2x sports is a sports clothing brand focused on developing extra durable clothing for sports enthusiasts who are always on a run for adventure. Their vision is to provide high-quality fabric to their customers which gives them the confidence to perform their best.

They were looking for a strong yet minimal identity for their business to kick off which will help them stand out in the market as well as communicate the right mission to their customers. We helped them in this endeavor

Our purpose for designing this identity was to keep it unique, minimal & timeless. We decided to keep a wordmark, as the logo to represent the brand, which will be sporty and sharp in nature with subtle curves to show comfort as well. Typography & styling were kept to a minimum to retain the simplicity of the business.

The brand's color palette was selected in a way to show the adventurous nature of the brand as well as keep it very minimal to show comfort and trust in their products. This whole visual identity was designed keeping in mind the targeted customers.

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