Glib is automating financial document analysis.
We had the pleasure of working with an India-based fintech company and developing a cohesive yet authentic brand and online presence for its key financial solution. 
Glib is helping businesses achieve last-mile automation by providing document analysis.
Using our indigenous AI/ML technology created by a team of expert research scientists, we extract data from documents and process the data by taking into consideration an array of information like position, context, structure, etc. 
We’re delighted to see the brand identity come to life and happy to share the process and outcome. The following presentation introduces the core principles of the Glib brand and the brand identity system. 

Our Role: 
Brand Discovery
Visual Identity Design 
Brand Guidelines
Social Media Kit
Stationery Kit

Glib logo features a smart dual-meaning design concept. The icon shows a reliability shied combined with a data block in negative space. The Data block symbol visually communicates the implementation of machine learning and AI which the brand uses to automate the finance sector. 

As we kept on developing the brand, it heavily informed how we decided to approach the look and feel of the identity. Every visual element needed to be well thought out. From the impactful logo to the striking colors, to the dynamic identity system. 

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